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The Life Journey.

The Life Cycle.

Success & Failure.

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The Analogy of Life Journey

Let’s imagine that life is a journey. In this journey, you need these things to travel: a map, a car, compass, money, and the driver.
How do you make sure that you have a safe and smooth journey?
How do you make sure that your journey is fun, fulfilling, and successful?

Weak in changing the “luck”
Strong in changing the “luck”
Can you handle your
Life Journey?
How to control?
Is there
a method to
identify &
manipulate “luck”?


to measure
& calculate

This is your destiny, you cannot change your destinations

BAZI Analsysis

This is your environment

FengShui Analysis

This is your educations and value perception

Your believe system, your guides, & friends

This is your financial

Money making platform

This is your character, behavior, & decisions

Personality analysis, Self awareness

We can help you to sort out your life for a good transformation!