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The Ultimate Research Project
We Transform lives!
A Singapore life analogy expert is conducting a Wealth Talent Creation experiment project:

To hand pick qualified “wealth generator” candidates with the correct BAZI and attitude to go through a millionaire cultivation process for a period of one year.

Unlike the corporate setup, this Wealth Talent Creation process will be full of FUN, FREEDOM, and FULFILLMENT as well as challenges for the inner-struggle, self-confidence tests, and risk taking appetite.

Enrollment to this research program is subject to our criteria assessment and filtering process. Only 12 candidates will be selected within a project cycle.

Those who are interested please email the following to us:
1) Your birth certificate
(for identifications of your birth year, month, day and time)
2) Your passport size photo
3) A one page write-up that introduce yourself and why you are interested to be enrolled into this program.

Only those individual who has an outgoing personality and is ready to strive for a break-through in his/her life needs to apply !